Skunk Doctor - Smoke Odor Eliminator Incense


Product Information:

    • POWERFUL FORMULA: Created by the same experts who have designed many of the top selling name brand fragrances. Skunk Doctor Incense sticks are hand dipped and infused with premium scented oils which completely eliminate the toughest smoke, cooking and pet odors with our powerful advanced formula (NOT just cover it up).
    • MULTI PURPOSE SMOKE ACCESSORY: Skunk Doctor Incense Sticks can be used as an Air Freshener or as a solution to eliminate smoke , food and pet odors. 
    • SAFE & EASY TO USE: Just light up one or two incense sticks anywhere that you have been smoking to eliminate the smoke odor and let Skunk Doctor Incense Sticks get to work.
    • TRAVEL PACK: Each of our Skunk Doctor Incense Sticks bottles come in a Travel Size 5 Pcs packet. It is perfect to keep one on hand, in your car , at home or in the office, because you never know when you’ll get the urge to light one up.